Fall Trend: Twist, Twist, Twist

Let's dive into some trendy protective styles to rock this season!

Protective styling shields your curls from over manipulation, prevents your ends from breaking, seals in moisture, and keeps your hair away from the elements. A good protective style will allow you to let your hair relax for 2 weeks or longer and access your scalp so that you can nurture the base of your hair. Twists have become an Autumn staple because they protect your hair from the changing weather and this year is no different. Let's take a look at the most popular twisted styles and learn how to achieve them on your own!

Do you SEE these twists?! Passion Twists have taken over Instagram and YouTube and have flooded the black hair community with thousands of pictures and tutorials on how to achieve this beautiful style. These twists use synthetic Spring hair or Passion Twist hair which are more tightly curled and bouncy than other synthetic hair types. This trait is the reason why this style has a very crinkly-curly look to it and how it remains lightweight on your strands. This hair does lean on the more expensive side, so we recommend searching around your local beauty stores for the best price. We've seen some really cute usage of accessories being aired with these twists such as cowrie shells, metal braid rings, and golden hair cord. Check out Baili Nicole's tutorial where she goes in-depth and share 3 different methods of completing this style.

TIP: Be sure to HYDRATE your hair daily by spraying it with water or a water based product. This will ensure that your scalp doesn't dry out and your style remains flake free!

Mini Twists have been one of the latest craze within twisted styles and have been achieved by men and women from all kinky-curly hair textures. These delicate twists are highly versatile as you can do them with your natural hair or added synthetic hair, on shorter hair and longer hair, and with tighter curl patterns and looser curl patterns. This style can take a bit of time to achieve depending on how small you like your twists and how neat you want your parting to be, but the outcome is always gorgeous and the looks that you can achieve are ENDLESS. Watch Keke's video to learn how to achieve juicy, moisturized mini twists using the LCO method (yes high porosity folk, we talking to you!). Another Youtuber we admire, WillOnAWhim, has a video on how he achieves his mini twists that we recommend you check out. (p.s. you'll be rolling on the floor!)

TIP: Style your twists with beads or golden charms and use satin or silk hair ties or scrunchies when pulling the twists back. These accessories will take your twist to a new level and protect your strands while you're busy being turning heads!

Do you wanna achieve an effective protective style but only have 1 - 3 hours to spend twisting? Chunky Twists are the answer to your prayers! These juicy, jumbo twists are PERFECT for those who wanna add a little length to their strands and a little volume and density to their look all with a reasonable time commitment. Most twists are done with Cuban hair, Marley hair, or more yaki textured braiding hair, but this style can also be achieved using your own natural hair. The most challenging part about this style is the twisting technique that is required when you are adding synthetic hair, but don't stress, we got you covered! Check out DearClaire's tutorial to learn how to accomplish these twists and the technique. If you are twisting only your natural hair, follow Fatima's video for a step-by-step breakdown.

TIP: Save any extra twisting hair and start a hair stash! This will help you save a few coins down the road and spark creativity when achieving your next style!